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21"*10k Bangladesh Market Satin Umbrella
Contact Name : Hangzhou Haixin Umbrella Industry Co.,Ltd.

1. We are umbrella manufacture located Next to Hangzhou airport.
2. We are an umbrella manufacture for over 16 years and specialize in all kinds of foldable umbrellas and straight umbrell...

Aluminum Insect Screen
Contact Name : Hengshui Tianjia PET Screen Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Enquiry: Aluminum insect screen is made of Al-Mg alloy wire woven in plain weaving. It is tough and durable, typically in 18 x 16 mesh, 0.011??diameter screening, suitable for most door and window ap...

horse tail hair
Contact Name : Qiandong Livestock Product Plant

Enquiry: We are looking for horse tail hair without combed.
For the following:
1.The horse tail hair length not less than 4"
2.The tail hair should be pulled down from the tail with hair root, not...

Looking for Handbag Manufacturers
Contact Name : Ms. Royneka Chopin

Enquiry: Good Morning,

Hello, My name is Royneka Chopin I have a 4 year old daughter who inspired me to wanna create a handbag line for kids. Cherçİİsh Emançİİ Handbags and clothing for kidz



Enquiry: HELLO



SSD Chemicals
Contact Name : stewart

Enquiry: SSD Chemicals do cleaning white negative

Fashion Accessories
Contact Name : Mr. Jarryd Stevenson

Enquiry: I would like to know more about your company and your products.
Hello my name is Jarryd Stevenson. My partner and i are starting a company called hype venture,
We are a hip hop culture sty...

Jewellery Boxes
Contact Name : Gillian

Enquiry: I am a small independent jewellery retailer in Hong Kong. I would like to buy just 2 x JT 001 or something similar and a small quantity of jewellery boxes. I can come to your Shatin warehou...

Rough Diamonds
Contact Name : Anthony

Enquiry: We have rough natural diamonds on offer all in worlds most wanted top white branding 4'cs, make use of the opportunity and forward your email and contact details to receive available offers....

home appliance
Contact Name : Oleg Kinah

Enquiry: Dear Mr/Mrs,
Our company is located in Europe and we are selling home appliance. Your coordinates, we found through internet. We are very interested in your range of electric fans for coll...

Enerich Batteries
Contact Name : Roy

Enquiry: Looking for Enerich Batteries ENC-50AA700 EBG25.
These go in my Heath/Zenith Motion Detector.

xmas decoration
Contact Name : Annie

Enquiry: Esquire for xmas decoration in retail shop

bonny boy liquor dispenser

Enquiry: we need bonny boy liquor dispenser in Hong Kong

Adult clothing,
Contact Name : Mr. richard westin

Enquiry: Dear Sir or Madam,

I have been asked by the president of my client, a middle-sized North American maker and marker of mid-market adult clothing, mainly for office wear, to inquire about ...

Looking for a manufacturers
Contact Name : Mr. James Sharpley

Enquiry: I have a collection of long line mens tees that I'm looking to manufacture. They are quite modern and stylish and would require high detailing. Can your services aid me in manufacturing thes...

Garment Accessories of Buttons, Zippers, Tags, labels
Contact Name : Mr. Rajesh Jain

Enquiry: Respected Sir,

I'm interested in starting a business with you so please do send me the samples & price of the product including transportation of the product on DCS Pvt Ltd, #45, 3rd floo...

Contact Name : Mr. akkad company

Enquiry: i want to receive from you all textile things.

Cost of a mold for a pilot test
Contact Name : Luis Esqueda

Enquiry: Hello Sir,
My name is Luis Esqueda, with Engenuine LLC a Florida based compay and would like to know the cost of a mold for a pilot test of a new product of molded paper, it would only be ...

Clothing Manufacturer
Contact Name : Mr. Sean Fitzsimons

Enquiry: Hi,

I am looking for Suppliers in China who can make Clothing (T-Shirts, Jumpers, Hoody's, Socks, Beanies, Hats, etc) for an Australian Clothing Company.

I will be in Hong Kong in M...

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