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Diamond (6c-04)

Company: 6C Technology Ltd.

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Coffee Capsules, Tea Capsules, Capsule Coffee Mach (otlmall 5)

Company: Oriental Technology Limited

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label (FANDC-44)

Company: F&C (Hong Kong) Industrial Limited

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Skin cream, Hair care, Body care (loshi01)

Company: Cosmetex Roland (Hong Kong) Company Limited

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Pocket Watch (b-cf-watch-008)

Company: Classy & Fabulous (HK) Limited

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VIVIFE Organic Farmer Vitamin D 4000IU (-)
Product Description :

Helps mediate the utilization of absorbed calcium and phosphorus, can enhance the strength and maintain the function of bones, reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Product Type: Health Food

  • Content: 300mg x 60 capsules (180g)

  • Raw material and content: organic dry yeast (vitamin D)

  • Organic Dry Yeast

  • Organic Refined Glucose

  • Organic Rice Bran Extract Powder

  • Organic 17 kinds of fruit and vegetable mixed powder

  • Company: Hang Chun Trading Company

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    Fashion Watches, Premium Watches (b-meya-02)

    Company: Meya Industrial Limited

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    LLLT + NIR + EMS Therapy (-)
    Product Description :

  • 280 light strokes (red light + near infrared)

  • low heat cold red light (temp: 39-47 degree Celsius)

  • compare with others medical grade light equipment, it has 3 times more energy

  • super light weight

  • easy roll up for storage

  • Company: Kyorin Kenko Limited

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    Watch Straps (Faith-0012)

    Company: Faith Products Limited

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    Water-Tap (Ucore 9)

    Company: Ucore Decor Limited

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    Bikini (PBW4211202)

    Company: Rainbow Asia Limited

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    Watch Dial (132171)

    Company: Chi Luen Watch Dial Company Limited

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    Ipod style kitchen timer (DIY0015)
    Product Description :

  • Count up and count down

  • Max 59 Min 59 Sec

  • Magnet backside

  • 1 x LR1130 battery included

  • Company: Polyland Industries Ltd.

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    Cloudy table mat (LS-TW101-M)
    Product Description :

  • material : silicon

  • weight : 198g

  • Company: Perfect Planet Products Ltd

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    T-Shirt (sinoexchange-20)

    Company: Sino Exchange Ltd.

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    Stainless Steel Watches (b-202101081636586)

    Company: Cheung Ming Industrial Co. Ltd.

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    Bangle Watch, Premium Watch (FAP3835LDG14-03)

    Company: Sunshine Watch Ltd

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    Tie (SY043-2)

    Company: Sunbeams Trading Ltd

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    Crocodile Bag (Crocodile Bag)

    Company: Wing Kai PVC Industries Ltd.

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